Meet Mechanic

A development platform
for Shopify.

A pure Liquid automation platform for Shopify.

When a Shopify app doesn't exist and developing a custom app would be too expensive, or when you’d like to replace many of your existing apps with just one, there’s Mechanic. Now, any developer can write serverless Shopify automation, in Liquid.

Shopify merchants, developers, partners, and agencies of all sizes use Mechanic to automate, create, integrate, and scale.

Whether you’re a family business running a Shopify store, or a Shopify Plus agency working with the Fortune 500, Mechanic gives you the simplest path for e-commerce workflow automation and custom development. Learn more about how Mechanic can benefit your process.

Shopify Merchants

Speed up your workflow with ecommerce automation. Draw from our library of 290+ automation tasks, and let your Shopify store start working the way you do.


Write tasks in Liquid; we’ll handle the GraphQL and REST APIs, the scaling, and the uptime. Earn money with Mechanic – our merchants are looking for developers!

Shopify Partners and Agencies

Use Mechanic as a rapid development tool to create enterprise-grade custom Shopify functionality. Build more with less, do it faster, and make more money.

Shopify Plus Agencies

We have major Shopify Plus agencies using Mechanic to build out custom solutions for major Shopify Plus accounts. Mechanic can be your competitive advantage.

A full suite of powerful features,
built to enable your best work.


Shopify GraphQL and REST APIs

The clients, security, and bulk operations. Learn more

Shopify Webhooks

Respond to any webhook that Shopify delivers. Learn more

Scheduled or historical runs

Tasks can run on existing data or be set to run in the future. Learn more

Connect to external apis

Connect to any external API or webhook that you can think of. Learn more

Open-source Task Library

Draw from our task library:


PDFs, Spreadsheets, ZIPs, downloads, and more. Learn more

Email In
and Out

Send emails or trigger tasks from an email. Learn more: email in, email out

FTP and Data Caching

Send files to an external FTP or SFTP server or cache data locally. Learn more: FTP, Cache

Data privacy, security, and
enterprise-grade reliability.

Mechanic is a developer platform as a service. We run millions of tasks per day without breaking a sweat. Check our uptime:


First class developer experience.

We understand what makes a developer ecosystem work.

Open-source task library, 290+ and growing

Use these tasks right out of the box or use them as starting points. These are well-written tasks that are packed with tons of functionality. Browse the library

Slack community

Join our Slack community! It's full of friendly developers from all over the world. It's a safe place to learn and grow and get support. Join the Slack workspace

Free Development

You need a place to learn, test, and develop. Development environments are always free with Mechanic. Learn more

Rich, living documentation

We've taken great care to ensure Mechanic has useful and in-depth documentation. Read it back to front, or use it as a reference. Get started at

Pay What Feels Good pricing.

Our top priority: exchanging value in good energy.
We start by suggesting a price, based on your Shopify plan. Doesn't fit? Tell us what feels right to you. Read the policy



suggested monthly price
Our suggested price for merchants using the Basic Shopify ($29/mo) plan.



suggested monthly price
Our suggested price for merchants using the Shopify ($79/mo) plan.



suggested monthly price
Our suggested price for merchants using the Advanced Shopify ($299/mo) plan.



suggested monthly price
Our suggested price for merchants using Shopify Plus

Mechanic Partner program.

Merchants are looking for partners to help build custom tasks and solutions. If you have a good understanding of Liquid and the Shopify API, you can start building and earning today.

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